Local Chef Spotlight: Darlene Womack

 by Porter Branch

Darlene Womack brings a lot to the table.  She has thirty years of experience baking and an unparalleled passion for the craft.

Specializing in breads, rolls, and cookies, all of Darlene’s products hold special meaning to her. Just to name two are her Mommy’s Molasses and her Daddy’s Vanilla Cookies. “There’s a piece of my heart in every bite,” as she puts it herself.

She began baking commercially four years ago, in search of a profession which would allow her to be more self-reliant, and found her true calling along the way. Darlene’s Kitchen has since made a name for itself in Birmingham, featuring several times in local news programs and magazines. You can find her products at the Pepper Place, Ross Bridge, or Summit Farmers’ Markets, as well as the Crosscreek Community Market many upcoming days this spring through fall.

You can place an order or find more details on the dates and locations of these markets, as well a full menu and how to schedule group cooking classes, on her website: darleneskitchen.wix.com/darleneskitchen.