PaSH Band: Dead Fingers

PaSH Bands: Dead Fingers


By: Kaneshia Sims

Kate and Taylor Hollingsworth are members of the group Dead Fingers, a name derived from a child hand trick that deceives your brain into thinking that you’ve lost the feeling in your fingers.  Both Kate and Taylor can contest to love at first song when it comes to making music together. [Read more...]

Kicking It With Mary

 Kicking it with Mary

by Valerie Taylor


kickAt first glance, Mary Alice Hughes may seem like your average fifteen year old girl. She loves reading, Auburn football games, One Direction, and obsessing over Criminal Minds. With a third degree black belt, however, and a teaching certification in Taekwondo, Mary’s skill in martial arts reveals that she is far from average. Her focus and dedication have driven her to accomplish what many cannot in an entire lifetime. Mary has practiced martial arts since age eight, [Read more...]

PaSH Savings

PaSH Savings

by Warren Hudson

In this economy, tips and tricks on how to save money is something we all can appreciate.  TLC’s Extreme Couponing has shown how strategic couponing has become a valued asset in households throughout the country. It is so common that local native, Loren [Read more...]

Meet The Business Mastermind: An Introduction to Donald Dunphy

PaSH Networks

By Kaneshia Sims don

Donald Dunphy of Columbiana, Alabama understands the importance of networking.  As a Naval transfer in the early 1990s, Dunphy, new to the city and without a friend in sight, needed a way to build professional contacts.  With over 26 years of active duty under his belt and the desire to meet new faces while building lasting relationships, Dunphy started Mastermind Business Network group. [Read more...]

Behind The Lens

Photography_Bonnett_Madelyn_C_ObjectsInMirrorAreCloserThanTheyAppear by Valerie TaylorPhotography_Bonnett_Madelyn_C_EnchantedForestSeries-FallSparkle


Birmingham is home to some true artistic genius. Even with all the local talent in the Magic City, photographer Madelyn Bonnett still manages to stand out and shine. Copy editor by day and photographer by night, Madelyn is a true artist. They say home is where the heart is, and that is certainly true in Madelyn’s case. She has lived in the Birmingham area her entire life. For someone who is typically a country girl, she sure does have a love for Birmingham and its endless festivals, events, and various city happenings. Of course, those involving art such as Artwalk and Shelby County Art Association’s exhibitions are her favorite. [Read more...]

For The Love of The Earth

For The Love of The Earth By Brook Gregg

garden 9 - CopyYou know a great place to buy plants? Go to Garden Shop of Homewood! They have a
fantastic “Secret Garden” layout for the shade-plants, beautiful flowering plants in the sun and

petite succulents indoors. The “Secret Garden” of shade plants is a real crowd pleaser, you can
grow these plants indoors, too. Flowering plants are perfect for porches, indoor pots, and
outdoors designs. Low maintenance succulents and air plants can grow alm [Read more...]

Fresh Fruit & Granola Tart By Whitney Miller


DSC_0308Fresh Fruit & Granola Tart You often see fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits on breakfast menus. In my version of this breakfast staple, I’ve created granola tart shells that can easily be prepared ahead of time for entertaining at brunch or lunch. The presentation makes this easy to assemble dish feel like something special. Granola Tart: [Read more...]

Urban Treasure

charm 7 Charm on Second By Brook Gregg

charm 8



I first visited Charm for a sidewalk sale while walking with a few friends downtown. Second Avenue is an eclectic part of our city where shops sell things like records, antiques and food. Charm fits in perfectly with the urban chic tone of downtown and Second Ave. As a confirmed jewelry junkie, I had to peruse the costume jewelry and estate rings and
necklaces (I love bracelets and all jewelry, too). Charm is home to the most beautiful rings and [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Vulcan

Vulcan v3

“The Birmingham area has so many different kinds of people; Vulcan Park represents a place where everyone can come together to celebrate their city.” — Melanie Goodsell


On the first Sunday in June, every year for ten years, the people of Birmingham have been coming together to celebrate the “Birthday” of our biggest resident — a fifty-six foot cast iron statue known locally as “Vulcan”. Everyone meets at Vulcan Park, high atop Red Mountain, for a community party hosted by the [Read more...]

The Mind and The Muscle

By Skj2haneice Sims


Dreams can come true! Kristal, owner of K & J Elegant Pastries, is the perfect example of making childhood dreams a reality. At the age of 14 Kristal discovered her talent of baking. Her passion for baking was so strong; Kristal later went on to attend culinary school. While utilizing her talents at local restaurants Kristal began her culinary
Five years into her career; Kristal decided to submit to her never subsiding passion for kj6 baking and urge kj5 for [Read more...]

Events Made Simple With Katrina Adams

photo boothMake Summer Entertaining Fun With


5 Easy Tips

The loveliness of summer with outdoor entertaining ideas and delicious recipes are around the corner.  KMA Event Planning is sharing five tips for bringing family and friends together for some summer fun! [Read more...]

Summertime Sippin’ With Whitney Miller

DSC_0308Summer Time Sippin’ With Whitney Miller


Sweet Tea is a staple beverage in the South. It is perfect on its own or sweetened with flavored simple syrups. In my cookbook, Modern Hospitality: Simple Recipes with Southern Charm, I created a tangerine tea recipe. [Read more...]