Meet Erica Bunker

PaSH Face Spotlight: 3Meet Erica Bunker


Have you ever stopped someone while walking down the street and asked, “Where did you get that
outfit?” Well, if that person happened to be Erica Bunker, her reply would be, “I made it”.
Erika Bunker is what I like to call a walking manikin. She makes almost all her clothing and does it very
well. Services for her clients include a personal style consultation and unique clothing custom-made to
their personal aesthetic. Erica’s work can be viewed at She can be contact via
email at as well.
The path she followed to her current career was a unique one. After over 13 years of work as an
accountant Erica decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the corporate life and peruse her dreams. “I
always wanted a career in fashion, so it was a natural transition to develop that love through sewing and
creating custom clothing”, said Erica.
With the launch of Mrs. Bunker’s new business she also had the time to pick up a new hobby.
“I’m a brand new fitness junkie. I love doing hour long cardio sessions on the elliptical machine to a fun
hip-hop playlist that my daughter created for me”, said Bunker
It is clear we are going to see much more of Erica in the future. With her creativity and passion for fashion
it would be of no surprise to see pieces of her collation all around town!