PaSH Savings

PaSH Savings

by Warren Hudson

In this economy, tips and tricks on how to save money is something we all can appreciate.  TLC’s Extreme Couponing has shown how strategic couponing has become a valued asset in households throughout the country. It is so common that local native, Loren Grayson Chambers, has taken up the task. Loren, a proud wife and mother, has strategically couponed since January of 2013. Loren, Birmingham resident for 33 years, initially started strategically couponing due to changes in her family’s income.

“I try to be content in whatever I do.  No sense in trying to ‘Keep up with the Joneses.’  Be happy wherever you are [in life]! I also find that physical exercise helps me get that little me time that every mom or woman needs,” Loren said.

She says collecting coupons from many avenues such as newspapers, flyers, and online coupon websites is the key. Not only did Loren clip from all available resources, she even turned to neighbors for their coupons to keep up her stockpile of coupons.

Couponing takes a little extra time, but several local stores are very coupon friendly and you may be surprised at how this simple change in routine can save so much money. Her diligent effort has yielded dramatic results. While building a respectable stockpile of inexpensive everyday items such as rice, pasta, canned goods, soap, and baby wipes, she has saved on average 75% on what she purchases. Mrs. Chambers and her family value saving but also instill values in their children at the same time. Loren and her family continue to strategically coupon to benefit themselves as well as others in need. She has begun to use her couponing skills to help local organizations by donating needed items from her stockpile to local food pantries and ministries in the Birmingham community.

Chambers emphasizes her love for Birmingham and its Southern hospitality, the people who live here and its beautiful scenery. “Birmingham is beautiful; it has mountains, valleys, lakes, streams and is only four hours from the beach.”

Loren admits that strategic couponing has added significant tangible and intangible values to her and her family’s life.  She not only enjoys paying close attention to the family’s finances but to their health and wellbeing as well. “I love teaching Spin Classes at the YMCA.  I enjoy staying physically fit and taking care of my husband and children. I love being a mom!”