3 Easy Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

3 Easy Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

by Cassie Bondie

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You’ve been a member of your community for a good portion of time. You want to give back, but you aren’t sure where to start. These three easy methods will help you become a productive, happy volunteer in no time.

1.       Ask Your Favorite Public Spaces

You’d be surprised at the number of places you already visit on a regular basis that are looking for volunteers. This could include your local humane society, a favorite zoo, a parks and recreation group, your library, or another nonprofit. Not only will you be able to help an organization you believe in, but you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of knowing the behind-the-scenes workings of an establishment you respect.

2.       Conduct a Google Search

If you haven’t been part of your community long enough to know where to look – or you haven’t been able to find anything suitable for your needs – consider conducting a Google search for volunteer opportunities in the area. Many nonprofits and organizations will ask for assistance through online platforms and volunteer matching systems. Some systems will allow you to input your preferences, schedule, and interests to find positions that work for you.

3.       Find an American Red Cross, United Way, or Soup Kitchen

So, you don’t know any public spaces and your Google search was a bust. What do you do next? Look for an American Red Cross, United Way, or local soup kitchen. These organizations are always looking for assistance in numerous ways. There are dozens of locations across the country, meaning you have a very good chance of finding an open position for you.

The bottom line is that volunteering is good for both nonprofits and your self-esteem. Volunteering provides a confidence boost and increases overall happiness.

Good luck!