3 Places to Exercise Without Going to the Gym

 Places to Exercise Without Going to the Gym in Birmingham

Looking to get fit but not interested in a gym? No worries, Birmingham has some spots that you can go to. Here are those five places that you can choose from.

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5 Spa Retreats in Birmingham

spa5 Spa Retreats in Birmingham

By James McKee


When looking for a great activity to ensure a heightened level of relaxation, the decision to attend a spa can be wonderful in terms of the recreational and professional applications. Being able to alleviate stress is key not only in terms of day-to-day happiness, but also job performance. Below are a few options for a mini spa retreat or a full day spa in the city of Birmingham:

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America’s First Table Store

America’s First Table Store

by Keiontra Brooks

Meet Homer Brown

Homer Brown, founder of Bumper Nets, will be celebrating his 18th year of business this year. Almost 20 years ago, Homer started Bumper Nets to set the stake for “Americas First Table Tennis Store”, and really wanted to innovate a place of this nature in a mall setting. Focusing on table sports such as air hockey, pinball, and table tennis, Homer put his dreams to work and came up with the concept of  Bumper Nets.

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Keep Your Beach Body- All Year

Keep Your Beach Body- All Year
The end of Summer is right around the corner. This time of year always seems to come out of the blue here in Alabama; and you might find yourself unprepared. Maybe you’re trying to shed a few pounds to shape up that beach-body, [Read more...]

Water and Your Body

Water and Your Body!
By Tina Kay Hughes


Warning: Water is energizing and refreshing! It may give you the urge to get off the couch.
Did you know that water regulates the temperature of the human body, carries nutrients and
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Kicking It With Mary

 Kicking it with Mary

by Valerie Taylor


kickAt first glance, Mary Alice Hughes may seem like your average fifteen year old girl. She loves reading, Auburn football games, One Direction, and obsessing over Criminal Minds. With a third degree black belt, however, and a teaching certification in Taekwondo, Mary’s skill in martial arts reveals that she is far from average. Her focus and dedication have driven her to accomplish what many cannot in an entire lifetime. Mary has practiced martial arts since age eight, [Read more...]