5 Ways To Impress Your Boss

5 Ways To Impress Your Boss

By Frank Griffin

No matter what industry you work in, if your goal is to succeed, you will want to impress your boss.

The good news is that the majority of supervisors and managers are looking for the same key qualities.

These five attributes are sure to get you noticed, impress your boss and set you up for success.

Recognize The Bigger Picture

In your boss’s eyes, the perfect employee is one that fulfills their responsibilities but also sees the bigger picture. It’s important to recognize how your contributions fit into the company’s overall objectives.

Be Consistent

A boss’s worst nightmare is an unpredictable employee. The ones that start of highly-motivated and quickly lose their drive.

Treat every day as day one. Stay reliable and stay consistent.

Be Committed

Your time at work is limited, therefore it’s important to give it your all while you are there. Avoid any extra-curricular activities and even straying thoughts that don’t apply to your responsibilities.

Being committed means being present. Be there – 100%.

Do More Than Expected

Nobody ever won an award for doing only what was expected. Look at every chance to go beyond your basic duties as an opportunity. After all, how else can you prove that you’re an impressive employee?

Be a Team Player

The best part about this quality is that others will speak up on your behalf. Your supervisor will be constantly reminded of your work ethic, through the progress of your efforts and the praise of your team members.

This one is important because you will rarely find a job that doesn’t require you to work as a team.

Create Your Success

This last bonus tip empowers you to find your balance within these five tips. Create who you want to be with your thoughts and plans, but more importantly, through your actions.