4 Local Pizza Parlors in Birmingham

4 Local Pizza Parlors in Birmingham

By Cassie Bondie


Having a craving for pizza? Visit these five local pizza parlors in the Birmingham area to quench your appetite.

Davenport’s Pizza Palace

This impressive pizzeria claims to be “Best in the South, Possibly the North, Maybe the World!” Davenport’s Pizza Palace has been serving up pizzas for more than half a century. Dough and sauce are made in-house on a regular basis. Guests can enjoy pizza, salad, and drinks in a casual atmosphere that boasts vintage video games and other unique traits.


Bettola was founded by James Lewis, an award-winning chef who wanted to open an upscale restaurant in the Lakeview district. At Bettola, you’ll find foods from the Campania region of Italy.  You’ll also taste locally grown produce and meats. Signature pizzas are made from scratch, hand-tossed, and wood-fired in an authentic brick oven.


Area 41 Pizza Co.

Located along Highway 41, Area 41 Pizza Co. is owned by Patrick Hankins, a Birmingham native with a passion for New York style pizza. The company offers a family-friendly environment, signature pizzas, and a possible outdoor dining experience. Area 41 Pizza Co. is also the proud home of a full bar, select wine, and (depending on the day) live music.


Also located in the Lakeview district, Slice Pizza & Brew is close to downtown Birmingham. It was first opened by Jeff, Chris, and Jason Bajalieh – three brothers who wanted a place for visitors to eat and hang out. Slice offers pizzas, salads, sweets, and drinks.

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