3 Ways to Shop Online

3 Ways to Shop Online

by Laurrel Allison

Laurrel Allison

There are many reasons to buy and sell items online. Shopping online is convenient and organised. People from across the world can purchase items sold online. There are no business hours when it comes to shopping online. Here’s a brief look at the best e-commerce sites out there.

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Date Night at the Museum-

Date Night at the Museum

by Frank Griffin

Whether it’s your first date or one of many, it’s time to think outside the box. Why go for the common dinner and a movie or Netflix and chill, when Birmingham’s museums have so much to offer?

If you’re trying to come up with a creative way to spend a date, one with art, history, science and more – Birmingham’s museums are a great way to do it.

Check out this short list of three museums in Birmingham and how they make a good date.

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Five Birmingham Bakeries You Need To Try

Five Birmingham Bakeries You Need To Try

by Cassie Bondie


Everyone has an occasional (or constant) craving for sweets. The next time your craving hits, these bakeries should be the next stop on your list. [Read more...]

5 Spa Retreats in Birmingham

spa5 Spa Retreats in Birmingham

By James McKee


When looking for a great activity to ensure a heightened level of relaxation, the decision to attend a spa can be wonderful in terms of the recreational and professional applications. Being able to alleviate stress is key not only in terms of day-to-day happiness, but also job performance. Below are a few options for a mini spa retreat or a full day spa in the city of Birmingham:

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5 Places to Get Coffee in Birmingham

5 Places to Get Coffee in Birmingham

By James McKee


With regard to addressing one’s caffeine consumption concerns, a nice glass of coffee goes a long way in terms of bringing everyone up to speed. Energy is very essential in both one’s personal and professional life, and this is no different in the city of Birmingham. The careful coffee drinker has become an American phenomenon in terms of finding the right caffeine jolt for the right price, and below are some of the premier coffee confectioners: [Read more...]

5 Places to Get Local Ice Cream in Birmingham

5 Places to Get Local Ice Cream in Birmingham

by Jomo Merritt


In the mood for ice-cream but don’t know where to go? Well, don’t worry, Here, Red PaSH presents the top five artisanal, interesting and sentimental local ice-cream places in Birmingham
Big Spoon Creamery
If you’re looking to cool down a bit, or just cure that sweet tooth, look no further, Big Spoon Creamery has got you covered. This is an artisanal ice cream business that makes small-bunch, homemade ice cream and delicious ice cream sandwiches. So, don’t be shy grab you t [Read more...]

Authentic Food & Local Cuisine

Laurrel AllisonAuthentic Food & Local Cuisine
by Laurrel Allison

Birmingham is a city that has been picking up speed and life over the past several years. As such, you don’t need to stray far in order to enjoy a good meal. Whether you wish to stay close to town, or drive down the road a little ways, there are friendly, local restaurants that will fit your fancy. When wanting to go somewhere special, two restaurants have stood out to me. [Read more...]

It’s A Date: Simply Enjoying Valentine’s Day

It’s A Date: Simply Enjoying Valentine’s Day
By: Laurrel AllisonLaurrel Allison

Love is in the air. Reservations for restaurants are filling up fast for that special day. If you are lucky in love and half of an awesome couple, planning for this glorified Hallmark holiday can be stressful. And when we’re stressed, it makes it difficult to focus on what this day is really all about.

You and your significant other. And no one else. [Read more...]

Q and A with Green Bucket Press

Q and A with Green Bucket Press, an imprint of Markham Bailey LLC


Q: What made you choose this business?

A: I love printing and books, and I am a poet and writer, so being in the printing business is a natural fit. My father started an offset printing company in the basement when I was a young girl, and my mother was the librarian at The Altamont School for over 2 decades. I have an MFA in Book Arts and an MA in Creative Writing so founding Markham Bailey, a commercial print company and then adding Green Bucket Press, a creative products imprint specializing in journals and stationery products, was a natural progression of my life.

Q: What motivates you to work so hard?

A: For me, all of my endeavors rise out of a passion for living that connects me to many different interests, including my printing businesses. I am a mediator and yoga practitioner and I gain enormous energy from my spiritual life and practice.  I see life as a circular creative process,  from which the business rises, my work as a writer rises, connection with the community, my love of cooking, being a parent and a daughter. And the more I give in an authentic way,  the more is offered back to me in terms of core fulfillment. [Read more...]

123 Cleaning Genie

123 Cleaning Genie

123 Cleaning Genie has been proudly servicing the Birmingham area since 2012. They offer deep cleaning, weekly and bi-weekly cleaning, and move out cleaning for your home or office. They even offer in home estimates. For an estimate of general inquires visit www.cleaningwishes.com or call them at 205-705-9415.

Hot in Birmingham

Hot in Birmingham

HotinBirmingham.com is one of the easiest ways to get your business or event noticed. With over 2,000 visitors a day, their website is the ideal place to put your ad. They have over 7,000 subscribers, so a simple email could go even further. They also offer professional video production for commercials and flyer or business card distribution at local networking events. They are on all the major social networking sites and can be found on the web at hotinbirmingham.com. You can also reach them at 205-265-1678 or cdavis@hotinbirmingham.com.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

180 State Farm Parkway Birmingham, AL 35209

180 State Farm Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35209

Black Pearl is a favorite in the Birmingham community due to its outstanding Asian cuisine and stellar service and staff. They offer classic dishes using only the highest quality ingredients. Located in the Colonnade off of Hwy 280, they offer dine in or take out options as well as online ordering at blackpearlbirmingham.com. Check out the customer reviews and see why Black Pearl is a local favorite.

Keep Your Beach Body- All Year

Keep Your Beach Body- All Year
The end of Summer is right around the corner. This time of year always seems to come out of the blue here in Alabama; and you might find yourself unprepared. Maybe you’re trying to shed a few pounds to shape up that beach-body, [Read more...]

Magic City Moments: Margarita Grill

Magic City Moments: Margarita Grill Pelham
Who doesn’t enjoy a little down time? Friday nights are a time for most to unwind and let their hair down. My husband andI enjoy our home away from home, Margarita Grill in margarita-grillPelham. The staff is friendly and always remembers [Read more...]

Beauty Tips By Jackie

Beauty Trends


By Jackie Robinson  of Raww Beauty Secrets

Fall is around the corner. Here are a few tips to get you ready for the change in climate:

1) Fresh Skin is really in for Fall: Remember to drink lots of water, moisturize and get a good night’s rest. Products like face oil, highlighter and concealer brighten up the skin.

2) A red lip is a quick and easy way to add a “pop” to your everyday make-up routine.  A simple red lip paired with  mascara, eye liner, and blush and you are ready for a night on the town.  [Read more...]

Winter Skin!

Raww Beauty Secrets

“How To Win: Winter vs Your Skin”

By: Jackie of Raww Beauty Makeup

In the winter our skin can take a beating from the dry windy air. Once a week try a gentle exfoliator and then follow with moisturizer while the skin is still damp. Also, drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

When cleansing the skin try using creamy cleanser which won’t strip the skin as much. Also, be careful not to use the ones with alcohol as they can strip the skin leaving it drier.  [Read more...]

“Find Cash in 30 Days or Less” By Tina White

Tina’s Tidbits

Find Cash in 30 Days or Less

By Tina White


One of the things I often hear from entrepreneurs is “Cash is tight. I don’t know if I will be able to pay my employees or not.”

Let’s face it, companies do not get into a cash crunch overnight.  It is hard to quickly find cash, but it is possible if you know where to look. Here are a few places to look to help improve cash flow within the next 30 days.

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