Bringing Joy to the World: Chara


By Porter Branch, Content Intern

There is a lot of joy in this world; Wendy Betsch is doing all she can to spread that joy a little further. Wendy founded Chara nearly three years ago to help serve the special needs community, teaching daily responsibilities, such as dressing and making the bed, alongside more leisurely

activities such as music, arts and crafts, and gardening. All of the programs are designed to make the participants more confident in their abilities and independent in their daily lives.
Though working mostly with adults, Chara is gearing up for their summer program, which is available for those 14-years and older. This program offers an individualized attendance based fee scale, allows the parents to design a schedule for care that best fits with their busy day. Drop-in clients are always welcome, along with those who wish to volunteer at the facility.
Special needs care requires a lot of resources, if you wish to offer your help to make a difference in the quality of life for the participants at Chara, stop by their building in Pelham at 351 Canyon Park Drive. Visit them at for more information.