Art into Business

Laurin Humphries was an art student a UAB who wanted to share her talent with the world. She started with used printing equipment and old screens, and of course her talent, and created Humphries Screen Printing, LLC. According to the website, Laurin credits the personal relationships they develop with their customers as the one thing that makes them unique. They are a family owned business that also has operations in Utah. They offer original merchandise at their retail location at 1628 9th St Suite 104 Leeds, AL 35094 (by appointment only) or you can take your idea to them by visitning their website

Bringing Joy to the World: Chara


By Porter Branch, Content Intern

There is a lot of joy in this world; Wendy Betsch is doing all she can to spread that joy a little further. Wendy founded Chara nearly three years ago to help serve the special needs community, teaching daily responsibilities, such as dressing and making the bed, alongside more leisurely

“I Do”

Events Made Simple

“I Do”

By Katrina Adams

The Holidays are over and wedding season is  around the corner.  A special female in your life got engaged and popped the question “Will you be my Maid or Matron of Honor?”  Now you have to duty of planning [Read more...]

“Find Cash in 30 Days or Less” By Tina White

Tina’s Tidbits

Find Cash in 30 Days or Less

By Tina White


One of the things I often hear from entrepreneurs is “Cash is tight. I don’t know if I will be able to pay my employees or not.”

Let’s face it, companies do not get into a cash crunch overnight.  It is hard to quickly find cash, but it is possible if you know where to look. Here are a few places to look to help improve cash flow within the next 30 days.

[Read more...]