“I Do”

Events Made Simple

“I Do”

By Katrina Adams

The Holidays are over and wedding season is  around the corner.  A special female in your life got engaged and popped the question “Will you be my Maid or Matron of Honor?”  Now you have to duty of planning the bride to be an awesome Bridal Shower! KMAEvent Planning is going to give you 5 tips to help you get started to hosting a Bridal Shower the Bride to be will remember for a lifetime!

 1. Pick a Theme- After you pick a theme you can organize everything else. There are so many different bridal shower themes and you should pick one that fits the bride’s personality. If she loves cooking you can make the theme a cooking shower. You can even invite a Pampered Chef consultant to the shower.

 2. Pick colors- A signature color for your event is the perfect element to tie it all together.

 3. Plan a menu- The menu should reflect the theme of the event. Nuts, cakes and treats work best.  

4. Invitation – You want the invitation to set the tone for the event.

 5. Details- Always remember any event you plan is all about the details. Guest will remember how the small details pulled the entire event together. I recommend Décor to Adore