Q and A with Green Bucket Press

Q and A with Green Bucket Press, an imprint of Markham Bailey LLC


Q: What made you choose this business?

A: I love printing and books, and I am a poet and writer, so being in the printing business is a natural fit. My father started an offset printing company in the basement when I was a young girl, and my mother was the librarian at The Altamont School for over 2 decades. I have an MFA in Book Arts and an MA in Creative Writing so founding Markham Bailey, a commercial print company and then adding Green Bucket Press, a creative products imprint specializing in journals and stationery products, was a natural progression of my life.

Q: What motivates you to work so hard?

A: For me, all of my endeavors rise out of a passion for living that connects me to many different interests, including my printing businesses. I am a mediator and yoga practitioner and I gain enormous energy from my spiritual life and practice.  I see life as a circular creative process,  from which the business rises, my work as a writer rises, connection with the community, my love of cooking, being a parent and a daughter. And the more I give in an authentic way,  the more is offered back to me in terms of core fulfillment. [Read more...]