Cheezin in the Ham

Cheezin in the Ham
By Candace Lacey

Cheezin Owner
“Birmingham is becoming a popular choice for its growing food truck presence. Among those trucks is Cheezin, know for its gourmet grilled cheese options. Owner Crystal Rasberry answered a few questions for Red PaSH, so that we could find out more about her and the success of Cheezin. What is a unique fact about you? I’m a so called undercover “nerd” I’m a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (don’t tell anyone)

What is one fact you think sets your business a part from competitors? I moved around a lot so I incorporate a little bit of everywhere I’ve lived on Cheezin menu. A little Midwest, East coast and of course Southern flavors you can find on our menu.

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur? I just needed space to be me and a 9-5 prevented me from doing just that.

What is one thing you tell yourself each morning to keep you going? Girl you’re Fabulous
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