Blended or On the Rocks: Places to Get a Margarita in Birmingham

Blended or On the Rocks:

         Places to Get a Margarita in Birmingham

by Laurrel Allison

There are many wonderful places to find a margarita in Birmingham. Whether you’re downtown, cruising through the Highlands, or headed towards the Summit, here are some cozy spots to find a nice margarita.

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Happy Birthday Vulcan

Vulcan v3

“The Birmingham area has so many different kinds of people; Vulcan Park represents a place where everyone can come together to celebrate their city.” — Melanie Goodsell


On the first Sunday in June, every year for ten years, the people of Birmingham have been coming together to celebrate the “Birthday” of our biggest resident — a fifty-six foot cast iron statue known locally as “Vulcan”. Everyone meets at Vulcan Park, high atop Red Mountain, for a community party hosted by the [Read more...]