5 Places to Get Local Ice Cream in Birmingham

5 Places to Get Local Ice Cream in Birmingham

by Jomo Merritt


In the mood for ice-cream but don’t know where to go? Well, don’t worry, Here, Red PaSH presents the top five artisanal, interesting and sentimental local ice-cream places in Birmingham
Big Spoon Creamery
If you’re looking to cool down a bit, or just cure that sweet tooth, look no further, Big Spoon Creamery has got you covered. This is an artisanal ice cream business that makes small-bunch, homemade ice cream and delicious ice cream sandwiches. So, don’t be shy grab you t [Read more...]

The Mind and The Muscle

By Skj2haneice Sims


Dreams can come true! Kristal, owner of K & J Elegant Pastries, is the perfect example of making childhood dreams a reality. At the age of 14 Kristal discovered her talent of baking. Her passion for baking was so strong; Kristal later went on to attend culinary school. While utilizing her talents at local restaurants Kristal began her culinary
Five years into her career; Kristal decided to submit to her never subsiding passion for kj6 baking and urge kj5 for [Read more...]